Monday, July 19, 2010

"It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal." -Hellen Keller

Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped in the pettiness of a much so that we loose our way....we loose ourselves. When we pray, we should not ask for that which so freely surrounds us for if it is easy to obtain then what makes it worth fighting for......we should always go forth boldly and pray instead for the power to equal our tasks.....for our will is great but our strength is barren. May your mission be so great that it will take a mounted army to aide and support........for our destiny awaits us....all the while it is gaining strength and momentum.........our hearts keep freely beating in our chest we press forward to our desires-though we sometimes are not clear what our desires are-they always surround us. Our fight is for that of Christ's kingdom....some of us don't even realize that is what we are fighting for....but it is front of us....whether or not we are aware of it....and everyday....we continue pushing back the evil that tries to deafen our cries...our pleas....all for humanity....but our cries still fall on deaf we continue to travel toward our distant goal..........we continue trying to reach the lost.

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