Thursday, August 27, 2009



Well…I have officially hit “burn out.” I am so exhausted from this past week. Work was really crazy this week. Also, the in-laws are coming in for a visit so instead of dropping in pure exhaustion then I have to figure out where to stash all this mess that I have managed to recently accumulate in my living room following my spring cleaning (which hasn’t been finished but is all dumped in the way). Then just when I think I can still manage to survive with my head above water and I realize that I may can pull this miracle house cleaning before the in-laws come in then ***BAM…***…..and just like that reality gets a great laugh at my expense because wouldn’t you know that now Kade is sick. He went with Aaron to church Sunday and Aaron called me to come get him because he started throwing up. Well, let’s just say that Wednesday night turned out to be longer than I had hoped and was way less productive than I had imagined.

Now Kade seems to be much better and the storm has become eerily quite again….which is what usually happens before making landfall. Well, I am going to continue to enjoy what seems, at this moment, to be the “eye of the storm” for as long as I am allowed. After all, life is best lived in and through the daily challenges we fail to anticipate….

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, since it has been several months since my last blog then I can't possibly cram an update, or at least a good update into one little entry. I will just say that my family and I went on vacation in Gulf Shores, which was a BLAST!! Also, my sister left with her kids to go to South Virginia to be with her husband (who is working there). I have been very depressed about that because I miss her and her babies so much! Fortunatly she is home right now and will hopefully be here until Christmas. Lots more has happened but I am not sure where to even begin so I will just end with a promise to try and do better. Although, after a day like today at work....I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open.