Monday, March 23, 2009

I had a wonderful day. I spent the day being extremely lazy. I did go with my mom to the doctor but that was the extent of the productiveness of my day. Oh yeah, I also ran to the pharmacy to grab some medicine. Other than that I have slept and laid around ALL DAY LONG!! I have loved it and my body has needed the rest more than words could ever describe. I think sometimes we run so hard and so fast that we forget to slow down and let our bodies catch up. We push as hard as we can, as fast as we can, and we expect that our body won't really need the rest and that everything will work out. Unfortunately we are not sure why we work so hard. I mean, what is it that we really accomplish? and What for? What good will all of the stress and acocomplishments do for us in the long run? The only accomplishments we take with us are those that we have accomplished in, thru, and for Christ. If it furthered His kingdom than it is worth the hard work but anything else we do is in vain! So why do we give that which is in vain much more importance in our lives.

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